December 2015


What is Man

What is man? Man is a creature. Man was created by God therefore; the meaning of man’s life transcends man. It is impossible for man to interpret and understand himself and the universe apart from the Creator. The creator of a thing creates the thing with a plan and purpose in mind. It would be similar to a man, a thousand years ago, stepping into a time machine and finding himself at Cape Canaveral, Florida staring at the space shuttle. As he inspects this strange object he would naturally ask “What is it”, and ‘what does it do?” The meaning and purpose of the space shuttle cannot be accurately ascertained by the man in and of himself. A NASA scientist would have to explain to the man what it is and what it does. Apart from that explanation the true meaning and purpose of the large object cannot be known by the man…


The Spring in the Desert

“They journeyed for three days in the wilderness without finding water . . . the people grumbled to Moses, ‘What are we going to drink?’” (Exodus 15:22-24)

Just before they grumbled about having no water in the dry desert, Miriam had led Israel in a hymn to the Lord for His miraculous deliverance. The song was, “Sing to the Lord for He is highly exalted; He has thrown the horse and its rider into the Sea” (15:21). This was the Red Sea the LORD had just divided, made dry land to appear in its midst, and used to swallow up every single one of their pursuing enemies. If God can make dry land to appear in the midst of water, why was it so hard to believe He could also make water appear in the midst of dry land? They eventually did come to water at Marah, but it was undrinkable.