THE AMERICAN ACADEMY OF BIBLICAL COUNSELORS is an accountability, advocacy, certification, and training association committed to the sufficiency of Scripture as a counseling model.  As such, AABC promotes excellence in nouthetic (Biblical) counseling. The Biblical Koine Greek word nouthesia is used primarily for the type of counseling described in the New Testament, and reflects the usual counseling methodology found throughout the Bible. AABC accepts the Bible as the only infallible source of truth and guidance by which anyone may be directed toward the highest and most ennobling life possible.  We believe God's Way is found in God's Word ~ Dei Via, Dei Verbum.

Founded in July of 2013, AABC is an organization established by Biblical counselors for the advancement and advocacy of Biblical counseling. The founding leadership of AABC recognizes the importance and value of other groups dedicated to the promotion of Bibilcal counseling. While desiring to work with like-minded entities for the strengthening of the nouthetic model, the goal of AABC is to centralize and preserve the unique focus of Biblical counseling advancement and certification.

Being fully aware of the changing realities of human culture, we ardently affirm that God has established specific requisites by which both the individual in particular and society as a whole, may attain to the fullness of life, both now and in eternity. We equally affirm that the certainty of such timeless truths transcend cultural varieties. Thus we believe that "The sum of Your word is truth, and every one of Your righteous ordinances is everlasting" (Psalm 119:160 NASB).

We invite individuals involved in the ministry of Biblical counseling to consider the benefits of AABC membership and certification, and like-minded Biblical counseling education and training entities to request institutional recognition.


Man's Theories

April 14-16, 2016